Basic Bible Journaling Tools

I am new to Bible Journaling what do I need?

You do not need a lot of tools to start Bible journaling. A pen, a notebook, and your Bible will be sufficient to start with. A devotional will assist you to find verses and references to journal and reflect on. If you do not feel comfortable enough drawing and writing in your bible, a notebook journal is a good way to start with. You have lots of space in an extra journal to create beautiful projects, use it for your note taking during sermons and also your study notes can all be incorporated with your devotional study for the day. It is also a good place to practice a layout before committing it to your Bible page. To be honest I have never designed a layout, before committing it into my Bible, it is about the study for me and if the artwork does not look like a masterpiece it is ok. It is more important to me, to spend the time in the Word, I can create a new masterpiece again tomorrow! I will even share the not so good pages, that particular verse or prayer I wrote might just be what someone else needs on that day.

Art mediums to start with

  • A Pencil
  • An Eraser
  • Sketch pens (two different nib sizes)
  • Colouring Pencils
  • Watercolour (It is best to invest in good quality paints, the cheap ones are chalky and will rub off)
  • Some Washi Tapes
  • Scrapbook Paper Scraps ( this you can use to make tabs, page markers, tip ins if you need extra space to journal, etc)
  • Pictures or stickers or any extra’s you wish to use to decorate your pages.
  • A Date Stamp and Ink

What Bible do I choose?

When I Started Bible journaling I only knew of one Afrikaans Journaling Bible and it already had pictures in it that you could colour in. I also made the mistake of starting with Genesis 1. I eventually learned that it is better to journal about issues in your life and reflecting on how to handle situations crossing your path, getting guidance from the Bible on how to resolve things that upset me. Or give praise and thanks when I felt blessed and were spoilt by our Heavenly Father. I started collecting devotional studies to help me with my study and finding answers. It took me only 10 months to fill up that Bible and by accident I stumbled on another Bible with journaling space, the only thing was, it was in English and I am Afrikaans speaking. This was actually a good thing as I got to explore a different type of translation and it was awesome. Use what you have and what is available and accessible to you. We at Lady Wisdom will do whatever we can to assist you in having all that you need to do your creative study in the Word, contact us if you need any help, inspiration or wish us to find something you wish to use. Hope to meet you soon!

Painting in your Bible

On Social media there are a lot of inspiration of ladies painting beautiful projects in their Bibles. Basic tools you will need if you want to paint in your Bible is:


There are different paints to choose from, water colours, acrylic (will cover text if your layers are too thick), water soluble crayons, gouache (almost the same as water colours but more opaque will cover text) and water colour pencils. If you mix and match them you can create the most beautiful back grounds for your projects.

Paint Brushes:

You will also need different size and shape paint brushes. If you are serious about painting rather get a brush set for your water colours and a different brush set for your acrylics. The brushes will react differently to the paints as the paint’s chemical make up are different. Also when you clean your brushes use cold water as hot water will set the paints that is still on your brush. There are also water brushes available that stores the water in the body of the brush, they are called water brushes. Awesome to use with water colours, and if you are travelling you only need your favourite water colours your water colour brush pen and your Bible.

Other items:

Other items you will need is containers for holding water to clean your brushes between colours. For water colour use two and keep the one containers water clean so that you use the true colour each time. Paper towels to dry your brushes and clean them or lift paint to create highlights. Wet wipes is also handy to lift colour and clean your brushes. Ear buds can be used to create other effects with your paints. Bubble wrap can also be recycled to create dots on your page with your paints. Use what you have on hand and get creative, we will be publishing content to help you to create but also wish to encourage you to share your creations and techniques to get us inspired.