Acceptance – Power of Words kit

Hi everyone, we have launched our first devotional called the Power of Words. We are like kids again it is very exciting. To assist you with your bible journaling I decided to do a few pages to help you get your creative juices flowing. Many of us wants to share our art work but because some pages are private conversations between us and our Heavenly Father, I decided to create a page that you can still share but hide your journaling. Hope you like this and if you recreate this please share on our social media platforms as every person will create a unique page and we would love to get some inspiration from you!

The third devotional theme in our booklet is all about acceptance, and with all that is happening in our country this is a daily struggle for us. We are all brought up differently. How do we overcome our differences? Why am I judged according to the way I look and my culture? I have written a letter to our Heavenly Father to ask him to help me to do what is right and not to follow what is the norm these days. I then created an envelope to hold my letter. I have journaled in my bible in Romans 15:6. I have a New Living Translation and its called a One Year Bible.

Creating the envelope

I had some tea or coffee stained paper left over from a junk journal project I’ve done and used it to copy the template of the envelope onto. I then cut it out and folded it and glued the sides together to make my own envelope that I put my letter in. I have some wax flower in my garden and cut a little flower that I glued underneath the wax seal that you will find in your kit to make it look like I sealed it with the wax seal. I then used some of the die cuts that is in the kit to further decorate the envelope. I also used some of my Neocolor II’s browns and greens to darken the sides of the envelope to make it look older, you can also use inks to do this. I also added a piece of scrapbook paper, that I found in my stash, behind the envelope to give some more layers to my page.

Recipe for making tea or coffee stained paper

To create coffee or tea stained paper, I make the strongest pot of coffee, then pour it in a big oven pan. I then place the paper in the pan before I leave for work and leave it to soak in the coffee. You can also sprinkle some coffee here and there to create even darker textures to some areas of the paper. When I get home I bake each page at 150°C for 5 minutes each. The pages will be wrinkly but if you add them to a folder and put them underneath some books they will become flat again.

The page background

I first spritzed the page with some water and coloured a craft mat with some colours from my Neocolor II set, that I thought would look good. The first colour I dabbed on the page with a paintbrush and then dried it with my heat tool. I then used some old packaging plastic spritzed it with some water and added dots of a second colour and dabbed the colour on the page using the plastic. I then dried it again with my heat tool. I kept on doing this to create layers of interest on the page. And then for a final finish splattered some colour using a paint brush.

My page title

In your kit there are two tear out sheets, the one has the die cuts on it that you can fussy cut yourself and the other one has words. I cut out the word Power from the tear out sheet and the word Grace from the sayings free printable to create my title that read The power of God’s grace.

Final details

I added a date stamp to my page and more die cuts here and there. I also highlighted the verse I was journaling on.

Hope you will have fun recreating this page. Looking forward to see your creations, and inspiration.