What is Bible Journaling

Dear Friends, we recently had a discussion with ladies that is new to this form of worship, so I thought it best to write another blogpost about why we do this.

Journaling has become very popular amongst some, especially us stationery addicts. If this is something you are interested you might ask: Where should I start? Well go through your drawers and find an unused notebook, grab your favorite pen or pencil and find a quiet, relaxing space in your home. Start with an easy topic to reflect on, maybe your favorite Psalm or Bible verse. Well done! You have completed the first step, deciding what to write about now write down your thoughts and feelings about this verse.

The next step would be, to read back to yourself what you have written, now think of how it makes you feel, is there something in your life that you can make this part of. Is there someone or something you wish to pray this over? Ask yourself questions and write down the answers and put your thoughts and feelings on the page. It is as simple as that.

There are no rules the only rule is to make time for reflection, and start adding it to your daily routine.

Some of us likes art, if that is you, create beautiful art while you journal. Some of us likes calligraphy, if that is you use pretty fonts in your journaling. Some of us likes pretty paper, then tear strips or cut it into pieces and create clusters to decorate your pages. So the point I want to make here is, we all have different styles, preferences and things we love. If you visit our facebook page you will see that Nerette and I have two totally different styles. Some of the ladies that created layouts with our products also have totally different styles. That is a great thing and you do not have to copy someone else’s work or style, you will find your own. But you may use other peoples pages for inspiration if you do not know what and how to start, after that you will find your own style and preferred products you love to use.

The Bible is such an awesome book and it might be intimidating to know where to start journaling, we have devotionals in the shop, under Creative tools and resources. In our devotionals you will find scriptures to reflect on and in our kits you will find more products to use if you are uncertain of how to create the artwork.

I have a couple of journals I love and adore and use them on and off, the following journals are my personal favorites: I have a gratitude journal, I have a bullet journal (my diary and planner), I have a Journal Bible, I have an art journal where I test and play with my art products, I also have travelers size journals where in I do Word studies in. This is the most awesome way to learn and reflect on scripture, Come and join our workshop days if you wish to experience and learn more. See our calendar for class schedules and other interactive days.

Happy journaling!